We are excited to announce that we will be hosting intimate invited readings throughout the year of pilot scripts by mid-level Tisch alumni Writers and featuring emerging, mid-level, and established Tisch alumni Actors. All of our 2018 alumni will be invited to these events. This is another way for us to elevate under-heard voices in television and grow our community.
Our first reading will be of The Quiet Storm by Theo Travers (Power, Sleepy Hollow, House of Lies) presented in mid-November. To submit CLICK HERE.

The Quiet Storm​

by Theo Travers
It's 1981. Cathy Woods, a single, black mother who has always dreamed of working in radio, buys a fledgling AM station. This comedic drama explores how she overcomes great odds to build a media empire and give her community a voice. Inspired by the true story of WOL-AM in Washington, D.C.



CATHY WOODS, mid 20s-early 30s, a striking, light-skinned black single mom. She’s calm on the surface, but underneath, there’s a layer of panic. A balloon ready to pop. Cathy starts as an intern at WOL-AM radio station trying to work her way up through a male-dominated atmosphere where her pitch for a show ends in disaster.


MARIBEL, 32, Cathy's cousin who let's Cathy and her son, Alfred, stay in her home. A little black china doll, she comforts and cares for Cathy in times of stress, but finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when her overbearing and dismissive husband, David, demands that Cathy and Alfred leave. She walks a fine line between caring for her cousin and her role as boss of all things domestic.


DAVID, 45, Minnesota white, Beltway smug, Maribel's provider-husband disapproves of Alfred's behavior in his home and Cathy's refusal to take Alfred to a psychiatrist. He eventually asks them to leave..


EUGENE, 54, a big barrel of a black man, friendly like Smokey the Bear, and a WOL-AM's cheif engineer that oversees Cathy during her internship. He gives Cathy advice regarding the political climate at WOL-AM, and while he supports her ambition and drive, he'd rather tow the company line as he struggles to keep his job and to keep the station running.


GRICE, late 40s, black, an expensive power-suit compensating for his receding hairline and short stature. General manager at WOL-AM radio, he has the biggest corner office, the tackiest decor, the worst jokes, and plenty of cocaine.


RICK TANNER, 37. White guy. Mutton-chops and stringy hair. Broken. Promoter for Crosely Records. His rock-and-roll demeanor stands out in a big corner office as he used to manage a station in Baltimore. Seems like he's been through the ringer and has reemerged from the gutter to reclaim his reputation. Quite brilliant at recognizing and executing a great idea like Cathy’s pitch, if only he could get out of his own way.  Has no problem disagreeing with Grice.


ALFRED, 8, Cathy’s son, often at odds with his younger cousin, McKinzie, he struggles with behavioral issues since moving to a new school and a new city.DEWEY HUGHES, 41, director of programming at WOL-AM, Billy Dee Williams smooth with a groomed mustache, he's dismissive and candid about Cathy's show pitch and sees his meeting with her as a favor to Eugene. Shows irritation when she comes prepared and two steps ahead of him.


PETEY GREENE, 52, medium complexion but reeeally black. Not so handsome, but compensates with a LOUD personality. Gap-toothed smile for days, the host of a black history radio show at WOL-AM that Cathy watches, spell-bound.


RON, 29, a stressed-out sound booth engineer, he often wears a scowl. Arthur Ashe’s twin brother in short shorts and knee-high socks. Ron greatly disapproves of Cathy's creativity when sourcing records for the station's music blocks.


DR. ISAACSON, 30s-50s, male or female, a calming presence that assesses Alfred's behavior at the child clinic and is a big fan of "safe spaces."


AGENT KYLE BERMAN, 40s, humorless FBI agent who takes Cathy's statement and coordinates the setup to take down the illegal practices at the station.


DELMA, 30s, white female loan officer optimistic and good at her job, she informs Cathy that her mother closed her joint checking account without Cathy's knowledge.


SHEMENA, 20s, a thoroughly-modern, eavesdropping Ms. Black Debutante of a receptionist at WOL-AM radio, she's impatient and barely acknowledges Cathy's presence until Cathy fails and then with several levels of shade.


MCKINZIE, 6, David and Maribel's sulky, biracial brat, she antagonizes her cousin, Alfred, and causes stress between their parents


COOL-ASS SOUL SISTA - 20s-30s, slinks up beside Cathy in line for a club pulling from a joint.


POLYESTER DREAM BOAT, any age, a musician at the station who leaves Cathy to clean up after his private party.


SMOKER, any age, a slick 1980s drug dealer who ogles Cathy as he drops off a package for her to deliver.


PRETTY BOY ENGINEER, 25-35, eye-fucks Cathy way too close, violating her personal space.


SLEEZY SALES EXEC, 40-50, eye-fucks Cathy way too close, violating her personal space.


OLD MARRIED MAN IN PROGRAMMING 60-70, eye-fucks Cathy way too close, violating her personal space.


UNASSUMING MARKETING GUY, any age, eye-fucks Cathy way too close, violating her personal space.


HORNY MUSIC DIRECTOR, any age, eye-fucks Cathy way too close, violating her personal space and then insults her when she rejects his advances.


FIRST G-MAN & SECOND G-MAN, 20s-50s, FBI agent in Grice's arrest.

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