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Writer: Justin Bonilla
Showrunner: Glen Mazzara
In 1980s Williamsburg, Brooklyn—considered the most dangerous neighborhood in America at the time—fifteen-year-old aspiring writer Genesis Torres rumbles with coming-of-age, her closeted brother’s stabbing, and his girlfriend’s disappearance.
GENESIS TORRES, 15, Puerto Rican, observant, has no chill when it comes to expressing her feelings. Scheduled to spend the summer in Puerto Rico away from the violence and trouble of 1981 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she displays a rebellious streak especially when confronted with the chaos of her family life. Often at odds with her mother and secretly resentful of father and his non-familial behavior, she finds herself stuck in the transition between childhood and adulthood.
ANA FIGUEROA, 15, Genesis’ sidekick and cousin, she serves as a sounding board and confidant to her more rebellious cousin.
RALPHIE TORRES, 18, good looking and he knows it, Genesis’ brother and one of the only Seniors going to college...if he can stay out of trouble during the summer. He and his sister Genesis share an honest caring relationship.
LUZ, 18, Ralphie’s equally-matched girlfriend, she’s kind to Genesis and serves as her mentor on the local social scene.
GLORIA TORRES, late 30s, Genesis’ and Ralphie’s mother, strong, with sharp eyes and tall curled hair, makes and sells clothing out of the family apartment and serves as a loan shark to supplement their income. Rules her family with tough love. Insists that Genesis spend the summer in Puerto Rico and not in the city.
MARTA FIGUEROA, late 30s, Ana’s mother and Gloria’s sister, she’s fierce, tough-skinned, and smart with an efficient hair bun to prove it. She works at Williamsburg Women’s Social Services—helping abused women find refuge—where her plain, natural beauty only adds to her intimidating demeanor. Yet she remains warm towards her family and clients. Close to Gloria, Ana and Genesis look to her for assistance when trying to persuade Gloria.

PAPO, early 20s, tall, built and with tattoos, his part charming and part grimy personality helps him to convince his secret lover, Ralphie, to assist him in shady street schemes and business deals.
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