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From a young age, I learned to be nice, be quiet, be ladylike and a million other things meant to strip me of my confidence and personality. And for a while they did. But over the last few years, I've traded in be nice for: Be great. Be bold. Be strong. I've taught myself to speak up and speak out. If there's one thing I've learned it's that it is your god given right to take up space. When you watch my work, no matter who you are, I want you to feel that freedom for yourself and grab it.


LISSETTE FELICIANO is a writer, director and graduate of Tisch. Her short film WITH CHILDREN [2017] premiered at Cinequest, LA Shorts and was Academy qualified. The short is a precursor to the feature length film WOMEN IS LOSERS filming this winter. The film is inspired by the true story of a young latinx woman who rises from poverty to become a real estate mogul in San Francisco in 1967 despite the social, gender, and pay discrimination she endures in the age that will birth the women’s liberation movement. Last year, Lissette’s script THE HAND OF GOD was a Tribeca Film Institute AT&T UNTOLD STORIES inaugural grant recipient. Lissette is an avid supporter of young women’s education and gender parity in film. She has served as an ambassador for THE WRAPS POWER WOMEN SUMMIT and sits on the honorary committee of ICA Cristo Rey, an all girls high school that provides a private education to low income families. Her production company, LOOK AT THE MOON PICTURES, produces and directs content for like minded agencies such as Friends at Work. Her most recent directorial work was a Wonder Woman themed holiday commercial for the Navy Exchange, a retail store owned and operated by the United States Navy. The commercial was praised by Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, which sent Lissette running around her house whipping her Lasso of Truth.


Alien Allies

35 years after the confirmation of alien life, mysterious bronze cubes begin appearing all over a small town. When Hannah, the local forensic science technician, starts to hear and see things coming from the cubes that others cannot, she's unsure if it's just her previously diagnosed schizophrenia, or something of danger to the planet.

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