late expectations

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Writer: Thaïs Francis Showrunner: Bridget Bedard
After discovering that she’s in love with a girl, a devout Christian teen must decide whether she’ll come clean to her boyfriend and homophobic mother or continue with the lies.
INDIA "INDI" WALLACE, 16, Jamaican-American, straight-A student, people pleaser and suppressed free-spirit, she struggles with the expectations of her Christian beliefs and her teenage social life. Although attracted to her best friend, Rose, she tries to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Khalil, and hides both from the watchful eyes of her devoutly Christian mother, Sandra.
ROSITA “ROSE” RAMKISSOON, 16, half-Trinidadian, half Dominican. An ethnically ambiguous tomboy with wild curly hair and a sharp tongue, she’s India’s best friend and confidant. Less academically inclined than India, she’s more into visual art.  She’s coming into her queerness and not ashamed of it.
SANDRA WALLACE, 40s, Jamaican, India’s mother, she’s worn, yet beautiful under the layers of life. She’s extra diligent on India, because of Caribbean immigrant beliefs and expectations of their children. She’s shy, but ready to start looking for love again to heal her broken heart.  
KHALIL MUHAMMAD 17, African American, handsome young man with a lot of swag. A lot of girls like him, and guys want to be like him.  India’s funny, understanding boyfriend, who truly loves and cares for her. A talented rapper, he’s one half of a rap duo, that’s getting serious buzz.
LUZ HERNANDEZ, 16, Dominican, grew up in Washington Heights but just  moved to Brooklyn. A wiz with a camera, she’s the type to take cute Instagram pics but also appreciates Rose’s artistry. She and Rose strike up a connection.
NURI ABDUL 17, chubby cute, goofy, African American boy, he constantly tries to flirt with Rose despite the fact that she rejects his advances.
AKILAH JONES, 16, around the way home girl. Designed acrylic nails, long weave, loves beef patties and roti.  She’s an employee at Duane Reade and a friend to India.
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