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"I was blessed to live within a variety of worlds, and instead of retreating to the comfort of “my peeps,” I was drawn into and intrigued by the lives of others and how their way of life related to and contrasted with mine. Consequently, I’ve always endeavored to tell stories that delve into race, culture, and character and explore what happens when different worlds and peoples collide."


Kimba Henderson was born in Detroit, but the cold led to constant crying, forcing a move to San Diego. Called to be a writer at eight, Kimba put on bizarre plays in her home before landing at NYU. After her junior year, she won an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences fellowship and upon graduation, moved to Los Angeles. 


After working in the entertainment industry, Kimba found work that allowed her to write without robbing her creativity. Newly invigorated, she completed Love Supreme, which placed in the Top 30 of a Project Greenlight contest.


Kimba’s History degree has led to several period pieces. The Reckoning, centered on a sugar plantation worked by slaves, but now a crawfish farm haunted by secrets and treacheries of the past, was nominated for “Best Playwright” and won “Best Production” at the 2011 NAACP Theatre Awards. Her musical drama about the Cuban Revolution, A Prayer for the Infidel, was featured at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and Red Harlem, set against The Communist Party’s courting of Harlem artists in the 1930s, was part of The 2016 Short & Sweet International Play Festival.

Her play, Women on the Verge, won “Best Script” at the 2014 United Solo Project and “Best One-Person Show,” at the 2018 NAACP Theatre Awards.

In 2017, Kimba expanded her horizons by writing a thriller, Another River, about trafficking in Cambodia, which was recently optioned. Kimba has also written for television. Currently, her shows are streaming on Netflix and broadcasting on Oxygen.

The haight

The Haight

Amid the turbulence of 1968 America, the multicultural denizens of Reve, a hip San Francisco café, enjoy a unique and peaceful balance. But, when a local drug dealer, AcidSpade, is murdered, the investigation uncovers secrets and betrayals that rock this close-knit community of artists and activists to its core.

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