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Alien Allies



"For far too long, diverse characters have been reduced to one-dimensional stereotypes who exist in the background, without any of the complexity or nuance that people like myself or my friends have in real life. My goal as a writer is to flesh out these characters and move them and their stories to the forefront so people who feel underrepresented can see themselves authentically on-screen."


Emily Harper is a writer whose most successful scripts involve one of two things: the ethical dilemmas of modern technology or talking cats. She is a current cat lover and former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer. Her innovative ideas on how to shoot the Democratic National Convention were called a “wonderful respite from the typically endless torrent of Trump” by Refinery29.


Emily’s been a producer on a smorgasbord of TV shows. She was a producer on an Emmy nominated episode of Key and Peele, got to spend the night at Disneyland producing a shoot with Elton John, and her favorite memories after 8 MTV Video Music Awards all have to do with Beyonce.


In 2018 she was a finalist for Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Impact program, and currently has an animated project in development with Daria’s co-creator, Susie Lewis, and Stun Creative.


She holds a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she was a Dance major and Film/TV Producing minor. She lives in Los Angeles with her girlfriend Laura and their two cats Riley and Hannah.


Alien Allies

35 years after the confirmation of alien life, mysterious bronze cubes begin appearing all over a small town. When Hannah, the local forensic science technician, starts to hear and see things coming from the cubes that others cannot, she's unsure if it's just her previously diagnosed schizophrenia, or something of danger to the planet.

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