double back

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Writer: Danielle DiPaolo 
Showrunner: Jessica Goldberg
A prideful former gymnast returns to coach at her old gym as her Olympic record-- and sobriety-- hang in the balance.
YVONNE “VON” SEALES, mid 20s, African American, a recovering addict and former Olympian, she wants to protect her record - she has the most Olympic medals of any American gymnast - by training a future champion. But she wants to makes champions the responsible way and strives to protect the girls from the physical, psychological and sexual abuse she endured as a gymnast. Von must decide how far she is willing to go to protect her title.
COACH (LYNETTE DOYLE), mid 40s, Irish-Italian, the build of a prima ballerina and the bite of a pit bull. Coach wants to run her gym her way. She refuses to have her authority questioned by the girls, the coaches, or the parents. Coach secretly takes money from the gym to buy painkillers for the girls. She will stop at nothing to protect her absolute authority.
REGGIE ADEYEMI, early 30s, African American, cunning, a brick house and nothing but trouble, he coaches the boys elite team and serves as an enabler and a force of chaos in the gym. As Von’s former on-again, off-again lover, he’s shared his painkillers with Von even after she said she was trying to get clean. He is impossibly charming.
SAMIRA KELLY, early teens, African American, stubborn, raw talent. Seeking to carve out her own title, she rejects help and resents Von’s attempts to try to mold her into her likeness. 
GRACE PRENDERGAST, 40s, a charm-bracelet, gold cross-wearing helicopter parent, she disagrees with Coach’s placement of the gymnasts and pushes to have her daughter Ella moved up too quickly.
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