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Writer: Kimba Henderson
Showrunner: Nick Wootton
Amid the turbulence of 1968 America, the multicultural denizens of Reve, a hip San Francisco café, enjoy a unique and peaceful balance. But, when a local drug dealer, AcidSpade, is murdered, the investigation uncovers secrets and betrayals that rock this close-knit community of artists and activists to its core.
GALAHAD, 28, white, long-haired, bearded, a wild card. evolutionary groups like The Black Panthers while also operating as an FBI informant.
CLIO, black, 27, a disillusioned ex-civil rights activist and Reve bartender. Fleeing her own broken dreams of fighting for equality in Alabama, Clio is part muse and part den mother.  Unbeknownst to this community that loves her, she hides a dark secret that’s derailed her life, giving her cause to seek revenge on AcidSpade.
OFFICER MENDEZ, Mexican, mid-20’s, ambitious. Transferred from Oakland in mild disgrace, Mendez is new to The Haight. His future lies in keeping his beat safe and his connection to the FBI agent investigating AcidSpade’s murder a secret, by any means necessary.
ZEKE, late-20’s, Black, Clio’s ex-boyfriend and Reve house band member. Once a non-violent activist, he’s now a militant Black Panther, serving with cult-like devotion. When AcidSpade is publicly exposed as a mole, Zeke, with his reputation preceding him, heads to the top of the suspect list.
DEX, Black, 20’S, bald with a sexy soul patch, Reasonable and good at mediation, he’s the point of contact between the Haight branch of the Black Panther’s and Headquarters.  
ACIDSPADE, black, 20’s, someone who always seems like he’s living on borrowed time, he’s a Black Panther drug dealer who ends his days with a variety of threats, big and small, as the neighborhood questions his honesty.
CLARENCE, 19, bi-racial, (black and white), fair-skinned, tall and lanky, practices Caravan on his upright bass. A talented musician, he’s practical and tries to keep out of trouble by working at the local grocer to pay the bills. He’s the best suited to see the future for his friends and the Black Panther resistance.
ADAM, late-20’s, white, boyish looks trying to graduate to manhood by growing ill-advised facial hair. A classically-trained musician, he’s naively in town to search for his friend Max at the Reve and struggles to comprehend what’s going on.
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