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Writer: Emily Harper
Showrunner: Alon Aranya
35 years after the confirmation of alien life, mysterious bronze cubes begin appearing all over a small town. Local forensic science technician, HANNAH, is in charge of studying their materials, but when she starts to hear and see things coming from the cubes others cannot, she’s unsure if it’s just her previously diagnosed schizophrenia, or something of danger to the planet.
HANNAH LEE, late 30s, an introverted and thoughtful forensic science technician at her small town’s police station. Close with her family, she lives with and helps care for her adoptive parents, and often bickers with her older, straight sister Margret. Hannah is on medication for schizophrenia, yet struggles to handle visions of matter shifting that no one else is able to see.
MARGRET DREEAN, mid 40s, a sharp and strong-willed astrophysicist who is Hannah’s older sister. As a mother of two, Margret’s swamped managing her own bickering daughters, yet feels really left out of family decisions when it comes to her parents. She’s frequently forgotten by her dementia-ridden father, who does not forget Hannah, and has disagreements with her mother on what an alien invasion would mean for their planet. Although unafraid of an alien arrival herself, she worries that her daughter, Joanie, is too consumed by spooky alien fantasies.
JOANIE DREEAN, 9, kind to others, cautious and gullible. Joanie is terrified and intrigued by the idea that aliens could come to their planet.
ERLA DREEAN, 15, curious and mischievous. She finds her younger sister’s fears ridiculous and tiresome. Like a typical teenager, she pushes her mother’s boundaries, knows she’s always right, and enjoys terrorizing her younger, annoying sister Joanie.
IRIS LEE, late 70s, the strong-willed mother of Margret and Hannah and an experienced scientist. When the planet found a message from an alien species 35 years ago, she was disowned by the scientific community for not wanting to send a message back to that alien species.
PETUR LEE, late 70s, a former astronaut with a gentle and kind demeanor. Iris’s husband and father to Hannah and Margaret who has mid-stage dementia.
ROSALIND, 30s, a robotics technician on Earth’s spaceship. She forces a happy demeanor when dealing with others, but is lonely on the ship and masks her depression when dealing with fellow shipmates.
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